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  • Make Bio Diesel for Yourself
    Bio diesel is not a new concept it has been around for quite some time, it is largely the idea of using oils such as vegetable oil and canola to power a diesel vehicle. This is not really a strange concept since the first diesel engine was not made to run on our modern day fossil fuels, but instead was run on peanut oil. Diesel motors do not require the same refined process that is used with modern cars, this...
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  • Keep That Car Safe
    When you have a luxury car, it usually attracts a lot of attention. Most of that attention is probably positive, but some is negative. Those who are looking to break in to a vehicle can be attracted to cars that have a lot to offer, and most of the Audi lineup is made up of vehicles that offer plenty of upgrades and add-ons that are ripe for the taking if left unprotected. Though an effective locking system should do the trick, sometimes some extra punch is necessary. When that’s the case, an automotive alarm upgrade may be what you need.When you’re looking for an Audi car alarm system, you have to decide what kind of...
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